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Executive and Professional Coaching

Westwind coaching clients experience powerful long-tem improvements in decision-making, leadership capacity, managerial judgment, professional skill development, emotional intelligence and interpersonal awareness.  While building their new tool kit, clients are coached on how to apply their enhanced skill set to improve their work relationships, teamwork, planning and communication.

To understand and facilitate optimal performance, Westwind begins the coaching process with simultaneous assessments of client attributes and the organizational culture, structure and context within which she/he/they operate.  This foundation of knowledge is then used to tailor a unique coaching strategy and process in furtherance of agreed upon individual, team and organizational goals. 

Leadership Consulting and Organizational Development 


Westwind employs high-level expertise and decades of experience in the corporate, nonprofit, educational and government sectors to assess and address your unique organizational needs.  Clients have used Westwind services to launch change management initiatives, create innovative teams, develop more resilient internal training programs, and observe and consult to committees.


Westwind's training, coaching, off-sites and workshops are uniquely designed to introduce key concepts and practices underpinning successful performance and interactively engage participants in the execution and application of them. This approach grounds participants in theory and knowledge of the targeted development principles while building the professional "muscle memory" to sustain behavioral change and improved performance. Westwind's customized consulting services include:

  • Navigating Change

  • High-Performing Diverse Teams

  • Performance Management Consulting

  • Optimizing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as a Competitive Priority

  • Understanding and Leveraging Difference

  • Management Leadership Skills

  • Civic-Minded Management

  • Communication

  • Self/Social Awareness & Self/Relationship Management

  • Conflict Facilitation


Virtual Workplace Coaching

Intact team or group learning

Westwind's highly customized group learning engagements apply targeted leadership theory coupled with practical exercises based on your context and work/life reality.  This series includes 12 weeks of 60 to 90 minute group sessions with 4 hours of individual coaching. Topics are customized to each group but could include Building Resilience During Uncertain Times, Effective Online Communication and Assertion Skills, Understanding and Leveraging Strengths, Honing Your Leadership Style, Self-Awareness and Health and Wellness in the Home Office.

Individual one-on-one coaching

Our customized one-on-one virtual workplace engagements will introduce key tips and techniques for high performance in  remote work environments and improve your ability to facilitate and lead successful virtual teams. During this series you will explore the differences between a virtual workplace culture and a temporary remote workplace and how to successfully navigate both.  You will have the opportunity to visit your leadership strengths, identify which of those strengths are supporting your ability to lead virtually and which are barriers to your success.


Questions about the services provided by Westwind Coach? Simply reach out.

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