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Collaborative Partners 
DEI Consulting & Talent Management

At Westwind, we hold these truths to be self-evident: 

That the highest levels of performance and profitability are achievable when organizations are diverse, equitable and inclusive;


That the most successful and sustainable organizations are those in which opportunity, openness and diverse perspectives are present in all sectors and departments, from the ground floor through the executive suite;


That the identification and leveraging of diverse talent and perspectives yields the greatest possible positive outcomes for organizations, and that this belief has been validated by a growing body of evidence concluding that diverse and equitable organizations outperform their industry peers in:

  • Profitability;

  • Innovation and creativity;

  • Productivity and engagement;

  • Decision making and long-term planning;

  • Recruitment and retention of top talent;

  • A more diverse client base; and

  • Image and reputation;


And that therefore, a commitment to a diverse and equitable workforce must be viewed by all organizations as a strategic performance imperative.  For businesses, if done correctly and sustainably, a comprehensive diversity equity and inclusion initiative confers a robust long-term competitive advantage.  And for all organizations concerned about the future of our local communities and the broader pluralistic, multiracial, globally interconnected society that we all share, it’s also the right thing to do.


Westwind Collaborative Partners was explicitly created to advance these ideals with a comprehensive array of DEI training and consulting services and our dedicated talent management division, Westwind Collaborative Partners Talent.  Through our Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) Program, we offer training in REDI principles and awareness, and DEI programming including Organizational and Executive Team Competency and Capacity Building, Talent Management and Succession Planning, DEI Climate Scans, Audits and Scorecards, and Westwind Targeted Solutions.

Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Program

Westwind's Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI), 

Program offers an integrated and consultative approach to preparing you and your organization for the future. 

Westwind’s team of highly skilled consultants, mediators, master coaches, trainers and facilitators supports groups working to advance change. Our process relies heavily on human centered design concepts that foster a respectful yet challenging environment while assisting in the navigation of sensitive and difficult conversations related to race, gender, class, microaggressions, micromessaging, unconscious bias, institutional bias, dehumanization and additional forms of othering. 


 Westwind offers intentional leadership coaching focused on strengthening skills and expertise in racial/ethnic equity and inclusion principles and methods of operationalization to integrate initiatives working to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities. Coaching support offers access to a confidential, experienced, third party neutral perspective. This support is designed to increase an organization’s focus, comfort and confidence in leading with a racial/ethnic justice lens.


Westwind  REDI Scorecard and Audit


Westwind works with you and your organization to outline and set a vision and standard to build a scorecard that will help you move toward your DEI objectives.  Once the vision and metrics are finalized, Westwind will work with you to conduct an internal audit resulting in practical recommendations that will bring forth the  institutionalization of REDI principles.


Collaborative Partners Talent 

Our executive search and placement division,  Collaborative Partners Talent specializes in the recruitment, hiring, and successful integration of talented women of color and diverse candidates in all industries and occupations.  We invest in each candidate’s development with a wide range of tools and programs to support their long-term professional goals. 


Our assessment and professional development coaching is focused on professional and personal growth coupled with emotional intelligence to holistically prepare each of our candidates for the needs and expectations of the organization and roles they take on..


Collaborative Partners Talent facilitates successful long-term placements  of our candidates through its multi-pronged organizational analysis and talent integration approach.

  • We use deep expertise and experience in professional development and organizational dynamics to develop a customized fit between the goals and talents of our candidates and the unique needs and culture of organizations culture and objectives.

  • Upon placement, we stay connected with the organization and candidate to assure success and support alignment or realignment where needed.

  • We offer a First 90 Day Coaching Engagement Package to support the placement after selection for long term success and value.  We design coaching and support for hiring teams and supervisors to ensure optimal on-boarding, candidate skill/position alignment and pathways for future advancement. 

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