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Talent Agency

Founded in 2006, Westwind has worked across a wide range of clients, industries, and sectors to design and execute competency based succession planning programs, coach emerging leaders and executives, and craft functional and organizational development plans to successfully align human capital efforts with business objectives.  In all of these initiatives, we emphasize the power of difference, unique perspectives and diverse skills and backgrounds as an essential feature of high-performing teams and organizations. 


Our executive search and placement division, Westwind Collaborative Partners Talent Agency, specializes in the recruitment, hiring, and successful integration of talented women of color and diverse candidates in all industries and occupations.  We invest in each candidate’s development with a wide range of tools and programs to support their long-term professional goals.  Our assessment and professional development coaching is focused on professional and personal growth coupled with emotional intelligence to holistically prepare each of our candidates for the needs and expectations of the organization and roles they take on.


To facilitate successful long-term placements, Westwind Collaborative Partners employs a multi-pronged talent integration and support program.  Upon placement, we use our deep expertise and experience in Leadership Effectiveness and Organizational Behavior to develop a customized fit between the talents of our candidates and the unique needs and culture of their organization and role.  Our First 90 Days Coaching Program supports the placement after selection for long term success and value.  Simultaneously, we design coaching and support for hiring teams and supervisors to ensure optimal on-boarding, candidate skill/position alignment and pathways for future advancement. 

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