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Westwind’s purpose is to facilitate positive, transformative change in individuals, teams and organizations. Our approach is grounded in appreciative inquiry--leveraging client strengths and powerfully linking them with aspirations, cognitive change and action steps to achieve powerful and measurable results.

Mapping Your Course 

Through this strength-based lens, Westwind uncovers the unique skills, competencies and goals of each client and then co-creates a targeted development plan to raise professional skill levels, interpersonal self-awareness and sustained high performance. 

Westwind’s master-level certified coaching services are grounded in real world business practices and guided by state of the discipline theory and training designed to produce long-term, measurable results.  Focusing on EQ as much as professional skill development, we strive to produce agile, creative, and resilient professionals who are in tune with themselves and able to harmonize their skills  and goals with those of their team and organization. 


Leveraging Peak Professional Fitness 
​​Westwind views its clients as whole individuals who perform at variable levels of professional fitness.  After meeting initial objectives, sustained performance and achievement of long-term goals are facilitated through our customized Professional Playbook and supported by ongoing coaching, tips and check-ins. 

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